About Us

A family that combines their collective passion towards wildlife, nature and photography, with the intent not to win accolades but to enjoy and preserve nature...

Wild Iconic is a family affair. My wife and I both love being in nature and capturing candid moments of wildlife for posterity. This passion for the wildlife photography; we have happily passed onto our two young sons, who show the same commitment to ‘capturing’ wildlife.

Professionally, I am qualified in different disciplines and work for a telecommunications leader in Sri Lanka. My wife is a professional banker. My two sons, aged 10 and 7, study at a leading school in Sri Lanka. 

Photography started as a hobby, a leisure activity of mine, which with time influenced my family as well. It is now a treasured family activity with us enjoying time in the wild and nature, photographing together. I am proud that my sons take such an interest at a young age and trust it will be an encouragement to more and more young kids to take an interest in both photography and wildlife.

For us, it is not about winning awards and accolades but a means to indulge in a passion and to do our bit towards preserving Sri Lanka’s diverse and rich wildlife and nature.

My love for photography started back in 2004, when I was gifted my first digital camera. Receiving that 1.3MP Kodak from my sister and brother-in law fuelled the first sparks which have since flamed into an enduring passion. Even though my brother-in-law is sadly no more, the gratitude I feel is endless as today I am never happier than when out in the wild with my camera. Now with my family by my side, I cherish and nurture my passion more than ever.

I am forever grateful to my parents, who from humble beginnings worked tirelessly to help us raise in life. It is by their example and hard work that I am the person that I am today both professionally and personally, values I carry, which I endeavor to pass onto my own children. 

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